Channel verification level is too high дискорд что делать
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Channel verification level is too high дискорд что делать

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Channel Verification Level is Too High on Discord [Solved]

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fix channel verification level is too high on Discord

If you get the Channel verification level is too high message on Discord and can’t send any messages on the server or to the mods, it’s likely that you are running an outdated version of the app or don’t have the necessary verification in place required by the server, say the phone number.

When we faced the issue, it mostly affected Android and iPhone devices, while the web app worked fine. So, to start with, switch to Discord web and verify whether you can send messages on the server without getting a Discord verification level error.

Also, verify the Discord server status on the official website or use a real-time monitoring platform like Downdetector. If the servers are down, try again in a few hours.

What can I do if Discord reads Channel verification level is too high?

1. Update the Discord app

When our Windows Report experts tried fixing the error on multiple devices, updating the Discord app worked 9 out of 10 times. So, if you haven’t done so in a few months, install the latest updates.

Once done, launch the app, and if you see a Discord rules pop-up, accept the changes.

2. Verify your Discord account and check the server’s Verification Level

Discord requires you to add some information to verify the account and use certain features. This includes:

  • Verified email address (you will receive an email to confirm the same)
  • Mobile number
  • Age

Also, if yours is a new account, wait for a while. Some servers allow members to interact or take action only when their accounts have been active for a specific duration based on the set Verification Level. Here are the restrictions for the different levels:

  • None: No restrictions
    Low: Should have verified the email address.
    Medium: Should be a registered Discord user for more than 5 minutes
    High: Should be a registered Discord user for more than 10 minutes.
    Highest: Should have verified the phone number.

To check the Verification Level settings > right-click on the server > choose Server Settings > go to the Safety Setup tab under Moderation > view the configured settings.

If you are unsure about this, contact the mods. Remember, verification level restrictions do not apply to users who have been assigned a role.

3. Clear the Discord cache

3.1 Android

  1. Open the Android Settings, and go to Apps.apps
  2. Select Discord from the list.
  3. Tap on storage
  4. Now, tap on Clear data and Clear cache individually to delete all the non-critical data.clear data and cache to fix channel verification level is too high
  5. Choose the appropriate response in case a confirmation prompt appears.

3.2 iPhone

  1. Open the Discord app, go to your profile from the bottom right, and tap on the Settings icon.settings
  2. Scroll down and select Advanced under App Settings.settings
  3. Enable the toggle for Developer Mode.enable
  4. Go back to the previous Settings window, scroll down to the bottom, and tap on Clear Caches.clear to fix channel verification level is too high
  5. Once done, you will see a Caches Cleared confirmation message.

Since iOS doesn’t natively allow clearing the app cache, as is the case with Android, you will have to rely on the app’s built-in setting. This also helps fix the Bad activity result code 96 error.

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4. Turn off rules screening (for admins/mods)

The steps listed here are for a PC, though the process for changing the server settings remains the same across operating systems, including Android and iOS.

  1. Launch the Discord app, right-click on the server, and select Server Settings.
  2. Go to the Safety Setup tab under Moderation, and click the Edit button next to DM and Spam setup
  3. Disable the toggle for Members must accept rules before they can talk or DM.disable to fix channel verification level is too high

Once done, verify whether new members can now send messages without getting the Channel verification level is too high error on Discord. And if the Discord rules screening is not working, make sure you have set up a community.

Now that you have bypassed the issue, it should be apparent that running the latest Discord version is critical because outdated versions lack functionality and may throw errors. And if it’s not a problem at your end, the mods just have to reconfigure the server settings.

Before you leave, discover the best rules template for a Discord server and set one right away!

For any queries or to share what worked for you, drop a comment below.

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Kazim Ali Alvi

Windows Hardware Expert

Kazim is specialized in hardware devices, always ready to remove a screw or two to find out the real cause of a problem.

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Discord Channel verification level is too high

In a bid to stay protected, admins of Discord have installed multiple verification levels on their Discord servers, and that includes two-factor authentication (2FA). Now, when these verification levels are set, the platform may end up showing an error that states Channel verification too high.

Discord Channel verification level is too high

What does Channel verification level too high mean

A verification level on Discord is a security setting users need to meet to send texts on a channel. The reason this feature is enabled is to ensure mass engagement and joining of spam, unwanted, and bot accounts are prevented.

Therefore, when the channel verification is too high errors pop up, which means the channel has a higher level of verification turned on, and users must meet the requirements before they can gain access.

We should note that there are five levels of verification on Discord, and they are – None, Low, Medium, High, and Highest.

Fix Channel verification is too high issue on Discord

  1. Troubleshoot the network
  2. Check if the Discord server is down
  3. Update the Discord app
  4. Turn off the membership screening service
1] Troubleshoot the network

In some cases, the problem is nothing major, just an issue with the network connectivity. This can be easily fixed if you know what steps to take. For those who aren’t sure, we suggest reading how to fix Network & Internet connection problems.

2] Check if the Discord server is down

Whenever the server of Discord is down, the program and the overall service will likely face some problems. You might not be sure if the server is down; therefore, we suggest using a Down detector website.

Visit this website and right away you should be greeted with information related to Discord’s server status.

3] Update the Discord app

There is a version of Discord that caused verification problems for many users. It is possible you are still using that version, so to make sure you’re not, you will need to update the app to the latest version as soon as possible or right this instant.

To update Discord, you have to close the app and then re-open it. Once the app is up and running, it will check for updates, and if any are available, Discord will automatically update itself.

4] Turn off the membership screening service

Discord Server Settings Area

This option is for administrators who might feel too many people are complaining about the Channel verification too high error. So, let us look at how to disable the membership screening in a bid to make it easier for others to gain access to the channel.

Launch the Discord app on your computer or on the web.

Select the server in question.

From there, click on Server Settings.

Discord Membership Screening

A pop-up menu will appear, so please go ahead and click on Rules Screening.

From the new window that appears, click on Disable to fully turn off Rules Screening for all new members of the channel.

If everything went according to plan, then users should no longer have problems gaining access to the channel from this point forward.

Why is Discord forcing me to verify?

According to Discord, the company wants all users to have a secure feeling when using the platform. To make it happen, the company invested in features designed to protect users from abuse or scams. So, folks have no choice but to verify their email address or phone number to prove they are not a robot.

Can you use a fake number for Discord?

You can try but always bear in mind that Discord does not recognize fake phone numbers when it comes down to verification. Furthermore, Discord will not verify an account that is tied to a number already in use on the platform.

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